Universal Transport Medium™ sample collection swabs

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1ml UTM in 12x80mm PP Tube 350C 50 kits 3-5 days
3ml UTM in 16x100mm PP Tube 330C 50 kits 3-5 days


Transport Swabs for the collection, transport, maintenance and long term freeze storage of samples for the detection of Virus including Influenza, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma.


  • UTM Swabs are room temperature stable, also incorporates a cryoprotectant
  • Safe and reliable precision moulded breakpoint swabs with a capture cap which automatically locates the viral swab into the lid for transport.
  • Formulation also includes antibiotics to inhibit bacterial and fungal flora.
  • SAFE, SHATTERPROOF, STAND UP tubes with internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of samples.
  •  Rapid release and dispersion of sample material and virus particles during vortexing with three glass beads in tube.
  • Available as filled Universal Transport Medium tubes in bulk or as patient sample collection packs with either Flocked Swab (regular or mini tip) or polyester fiber swabs.
  • Suitable for nucleic acid amplification assays including Chlamydia Trachomatis/Neisseria gonorrhoea
  • Suitable as a Virus collection and transport swab




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