M40 Transport Swabs, Gel Medium


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Case Size

Amies Agar Gel without charcoal

Amies Agar Gel with Charcoal
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Plastic shaft with rayon tip

Plastic shaft with rayon tip
Cap Colour Red
Use Throat, vaginal, wound and skin Throat, vaginal, wound and skin
Shelf Pack 50 individually wrapped swabs per pack 50 individually wrapped swabs per pack
Quantity per Case

500 (10 packs of 50)

500 (10 packs of 50)
Lead Time 3-5 days 3-5 days


The M40 Transport Swab provides superior aerobic and anaerobic survival. Designed to provide the ultimate performance capability with the most diverse range of fastidious aerobic and anaerobic bacteria including Neisseria gonorrhoeae, sustaining viability during transit or storage at room temperature and refrigerator temperatures for up to 48hrs (at least 24hrs for Neisseria gonorrhoeae). Performs in full compliance with the CLSI M40-A and German DIN 58942-4 standards at 4°C and Room Temperature.



Venturi design: A carefully engineered neck constriction and moulded fins create a deliberate Venturi effect when the swab is introduced. The Venturi action works to immediately surround and seal in the swab tip, eliminating any bubbles, cracks and breaks that would normally occur in the agar, protecting bacteria from the harmful effects of atmospheric oxygen.



Active packaging: Each Transport Swab shelf pack is packaged in an barrier plastic/foil wrapper creating a closed system. Swabs are individually wrapped in a 5 layer composite plastic pouch which is totally waterproof, protecting the product from accidental contamination, evaporation and dehydration. Both inner and outer packs are nitrogen flushed to prevent oxygen penetration and subsequent media oxidation. These features keep the transport medium fresh for maximum bacterial recovery. Each batch of product tested for performance against a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens to ensure adequate recovery.


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