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Liquid amies with regular flocked swab 50 480CE Next day
Liquid amies with minitip flocked swab 50 481CE 3-5 days
Liquid amies with pernasal flocked swab 50 482CE 3-5 days
Liquid amies with urethral flocked swab 50 483CE 3-5 days
Liquid amies with pediatric flocked swab 50 484CE 3-5 days
Liquid amies MRSA kit – 2 regular flocked swabs 50 493CE02.A 3-5 days
Liquid amies with regular flocked swab - automation 50 490CE.A 3-5 days



For collection and transport of clinical specimens containing aerobes, anaerobes, fastidious bacteria, viruses and chlamydia. E-swabs are transport swabs that can be processed using standard laboratory procedures for bacterial culture and molecular detection of bacteria, viruses and chlamydia

  • Complies with NCCLS-A standard- maintains aerobes, anaerobes, fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at room temperature.
  • Flocked swabs for improved sample collection and release.
  • Sterile by irradiation.
  • Suited to automated processing.
  • CE marked.



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Sterilab Services is a specialist diagnostic company dedicated to providing high quality solutions for healthcare professionals. Our products are widely used in the UK-in NHS and private sector hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician’s offices and other healthcare facilities. They can be found in both centralized laboratories and at the point of care.

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