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Key Features

— Break-resistant, durable polycarbonate
— To be used at temperatures between – 196 °C and +121°C
— Autoclavable at +121°C for 20 minutes
— Laser engraved “Code 128” on the rack side
— Numbered lid and bottom for an easy tubes positioning


 25 Space Low - Blue
81 Space Low - Blue
81 Space Low - Yellow
81 Space High - Blue
81 Space High - Yellow
100 Space Low - White
1-2mL (76 x 76 x 52mm)
1-2mL (132 x 132 x 52mm)
1-2mL (132 x 132 x 52mm)
3-4-5mL (132 x 132 x 94mm)
3-4-5mL (132 x 132 x 94mm)
1-2mL (132 x 132 x 52mm)




Sterilab Services

Sterilab Services is a specialist diagnostic company dedicated to providing high quality solutions for healthcare professionals. Our products are widely used in the UK-in NHS and private sector hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician’s offices and other healthcare facilities. They can be found in both centralized laboratories and at the point of care.

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We consider Sterilab to be our “Gold Standard” as a company. We receive orders, quotes, technical help very quickly and efficiently. Nothing seems too much trouble for the team!

PoCT Co-ordinator for ELHT

On-going service and support have been excellent, being delivered by friendly and approachable Sterilab Services staff. All problems have been resolved in a timely manner and any troubleshooting has been given personal attention.

PoCT Co-ordinator at DBHFT

Sterilab Services have been friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and supportive throughout the implementation phase of Urilyzers in our Trust. Prepared documentation has been available, queries have been dealt with promptly and concerns and queries listened to.

Consultant Biochemist & Director of Downs Syndrome Screening at Birmingham Women's Hospital

I received a great deal of support from Sterilab during the changeover, they promptly answered questions from users and offered solutions to queries raised. The customer service I received has been outstanding. Sterilab have been a pleasure to work with and I would certainly recommend them!

POCT Lead in Clinical Chemistry at Birmingham Woman’s Hospital

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