Centrifuge Tubes - 1.5 mL


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Key Features

  • Particularly suitable for application in PCR and other applications in molecular biology
  • Graduated with writing area
  • Autoclavable open at +121°C for 20 minutes

  • Optimal transparency
  • Temperature of use: -80°C + 100°C
  • Human DNA, DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, ATP, PCR inhibitors free certified

  • Pierceable writing cap
  • Precise lid sealing avoids evaporation during long-term storage
  • Hinged lid prevents any unintentional opening during use

  • CE-IVD marked
  • Centrifuged at: 0,5ml - 1,5ml - 2,0ml 17,500 rpm - 30,000 x g - 5mL at: 14,200 rpm - 21,000 x g
  • Zip bags, re-closable



  1. Molecular biology, cell culture, chemistry and biochemistry
  2. Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
  3. Boiling Application
  4. Laboratories and Research
  5. Preparation, centrifugation and storage of samples


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