Dip&Spin Urinalysis Dipstick/Microscopics Control Set


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Urinalysis dipstick and Microscopics Control - for automated and manual techniques.

A liquid urine microscopy control/QC for urine sediment. Now with rod shaped E-Coli (the most commonly found bacteria found in patient samples) and engineered  Calcium Oxalate Dihydrate (COD) crystals these can be recognized by both standard and automated microscopy. 

Urinalysis Quality Control that is compatible with most brands of urine test strips, manual microscopy methods, and automated urine analyzers such as: iQ®200, UriSed, COBIO-XS, sediMAX®, iRICELL®, LabUMat2/ UriSed2, and Roche Cobas® 6500.

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