CHROMASCOPICS™ Urinalysis Control with Microscopics


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3rd party Urinalysis EQA

Chromascopics is a QC for urine sediment with Microscopics. A urine quality control solution specifically for the Siemens Clinitek Novus, Atellica UAS 800 & Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System.  It is also compatible with Siemens urinalysis dipsticks, confirmatory tests such as K-CHECK and Ictotest® reagent tablets, and qualitative hCG methods.

Urinalysis QC, supplied in liquid ready to use format, Chromascopics is formulated using a human urine base. Containing sediments including: RBC, WBC, calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals and E. coli bacteria.

Packaging includes barcodes on the bottles containing lot number and expiration dates on easy to identify bottles (Levels can be clearly identified).

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